As with most research projects, there is eligibility criteria to participate in this study. To be eligible to participate in the "This is what happens after" project, you must:

  • Consider yourself to have been impacted by a disaster a minimum of two years ago. This is because of the impacts that disasters can have on memory, fatigue and emotions. There is no maximum time since the disaster event.
  • Be in Australia or New Zealand (or have been impacted by a disaster in Australia and New Zealand). If you are not in Australia or NZ but would still like to participate, please get in touch here: contact.
  • Be over 18 years old. Currently we only have ethics approval for participants 18 years old and over.
  • Be willing to share your experience of disaster recovery. This project is hoping to identify what people find helpful when recovering from a disaster.

Other things you should know

  • All participation in this study is voluntary. It is your choice whether you participate or don't participate.
  • At any time until the project is complete, you can withdraw from the project.
  • Your decision to participate or not to participate will in no way impact access to any services.


If you have any questions about the eligibility criteria of the research project, please contact Kate Brady at

For more information on next steps to participating in the research, click here