1. Watch the video below and / or read the information sheet (below).
  2. Download a copy of the "consent & demographics forms" (below) and complete it.
  3. Write your letter (more detail can be found in the information sheet).
  4. When you are finished, send your letter in with your consent form attached. You can post your letter or email it. If you need a stamped envelope to send the letter in, contact us and we'll send one out to you.
  5. After we receive the letter, we will follow up with you by email or phone to check if you need information about local services.
  6. A little while after we receive the letter, you will receive a short questionnaire to complete. This is so we can find out about how you thought the letter writing process went as a research method.
  7. You can get more information about the progress of the study by going to the updates section or opting in to receive updates when you complete your consent form.


Other things you should know

  • All participation in this study is voluntary. It is your choice whether you participate or don't participate.
  • At any time until the project is complete, you can withdraw from the project.
  • Your decision to participate or not to participate will in no way impact access to any services.